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1. Look at the community layout! It's hot. :D

2. Okay, it's sort of early, but we've got to start chucking ideas about if this thing is going to happen (AND IT MUST). troubadour118 and I were talking last week, and we think Canada/France/whatever would be cool but it really should be in one of 'our' countries, just so at least one of us has a vague idea of what we're doing. I don't much fancy the idea of being lost in the Australian outback with you lot. No offence. :P

Our call is Brighton. :D Many reasons. It's a supah-cool town. We're all filthy slashers, and it's The Gayest Town In England and the clubs are hot. There are hundreds of apartments up for rent, in the town centre or right on the beachfront. And they filmed some of The End of the Affair there and I want to breathe some more of the sweet air that's been in and out of Ralph's lungs. :D

Anyway. So. PLOT, MINIONS!
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