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okay, I start asking questions, because I'm stuck in work and so, bored.

How long are we talking about for the meet-up? A Weekend? a Week? Everyone up-sticks and moves to Brighton forEVAH?

Where do we want to stay? What's available? Is it all B&B's, or are there huge guest-houses that we could take over and scare any non-gamers away? "What do you MEAN? You've never heard of the Weird Sisters? Next thing, you'll be saying you've never read any of the Fortin novels, or that you've never seen Aidan McCloy playing for the Bats!" (AHAHAHA. too much Evil)

Is Brighton even feasible for most people? I mean, I can get there easy enough, and I'm guessing the same for B and Alison and all us UK-types, and Nomie and Jess should be able to get over easy enough when they're here studying, but all the people in the States, is it a Scary Prospect?

uhm... I can't think of any more...
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